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Verandas And Terraces In The House

 Recently, it has become fashionable to have breakfast outdoors - on the terrace, veranda. Restaurants and cafes have long been competing for the convenience of visitors in their open spaces, it's time for country houses. Sliding windows, rattan furniture, winter gardens, etc., have become very popular, making the stay on the outdoor terrace pleasant and aesthetic.

In fact, it's nice when in any weather you can enjoy a cup of coffee and the surrounding nature. Only in the middle lane this time is rather short, so the problem has to be solved by architectural and design finds.

From the unpredictability of the weather, you can fence yourself off with sliding glass partitions or large panoramic windows, as was previously customary in French villas. The terraces and verandas themselves are best furnished with furniture that is resistant to the vagaries of the weather. The best option is rattan furniture. It is durable, comfortable, beautiful, perfectly equipped with pillows , blankets, removable covers, which allows you to create a new interior every time for the season. Plastic furniture is also suitable, especially if a lightweight and mobile option is required. Both antique carpets and modern author's products are suitable as decor, their main purpose is to create a warm area near the sofa. Proper lighting of the terrace should also be given attention by placing, for example, wall sconces in combination with a large lamp .under a cozy lampshade so that you do not have to leave a poorly lit room in the evening. And a completely excellent addition is a winter garden of unpretentious plants that are not afraid of drafts and cool days. And here is how it looks in specific projects of architects and designers.

This terrace overlooking the sea is as open to air and landscape as possible. The terrace area allows you to equip separate recreation areas: for lovers of sunbathing and partial shade. Comfortable sofas and low tables are conducive to relaxation. Above the armchairs with a coffee table, if desired, you can open a canvas umbrella. The abundance of greenery adds shade and color.

The country house of the architect Totan Kuzembaev has two open spaces at once: a veranda and a terrace, located one above the other. Beautiful views of the park enliven these rather austere premises.

The architectural studio "Version" has planned a house with a veranda on the second floor of a country house. Panoramic windows give a lot of light, a chandelier is designed for the evening. A wicker set is conducive to a pleasant stay, and an oriental-colored carpet and multi-colored pillows emphasize the cheerfulness of the landscape that surrounds the veranda from three sides.

Ruslan Aidarov's veranda project is a harmony of dark rattan furniture against the background of a very high-quality tiled floor and brick-like wall.

This veranda is an example of eclecticism: classic furniture style and modern decoration and lighting.

The ethnic style in the design of the veranda looks very advantageous. In addition, only natural materials are used here, both in furniture and in textiles.