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Provence Style

Provence style

Provence style

Is French Provence in your home? Recently, making this dream come true has never been easier. Of course, it is impossible to fully convey the energy of this region, which is washed by the unique Mediterranean Sea and over which the Alps rise one hundred percent, but there is still an opportunity to touch it. And in the literal sense, since the Provence style quite allows, closing your eyes for a moment, to imagine lavender fields, fragrant grapes, a cozy house and a blinding generous sun ... The world of French Provence is really diverse. Despite the complex range of ease and sophistication, the Provence style is more and more popular and in demand in the design and decor of interiorsIncreasingly, with the help of Provence, an apartment is becoming a real cozy home corner.

So what is Provence in terms of furniture? Firstly, it is a provincial style. Patinated wood, which harmoniously combines with metal, thereby complementing each other, giving warmth to your home, harmoniously fitting into both an apartment and a country house. Secondly, the Provence style is easily complemented by decorative elements. And this means that softness, ease, lightness, sophistication, which ideally emphasizes the luxury of a home, can also be brought to life with the help of little things dear to the heart, for example, forged hangers, textiles and ceramics. Wicker products - pots with flowers, trays or just baskets for small things - will also perfectly fit into the interiorThe charming world of Provence, not otherwise!

The Pearl Style furniture collection is "sharpened" exclusively for Provence. French craftsmen have worked as much as possible to ensure that your apartment becomes a place where pleasure can be experienced every minute. Bookcase, sideboard, chest of drawers, cabinet with drawers , cabinet with mezzanines, dressing table and a massive dining table - tenderness and carelessness after a hard day's work is guaranteed to you. With the help of Pearl Style furniture, interior items made in such a fashionable and beautiful Provence style will so create a unique atmosphere of country life that, after coming to your personal space after work, you will soon forget that you have just recently returned from a noisy street with endless traffic jams. metropolis. Additional Provence charm can be created using accessories in the form of "aged paintings" and panels, made in the corporate light range.