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Loft Furniture In The Interior


The industrial style or the loft direction is becoming more and more popular today. Such a design always implies a clear organization and an impeccable sense of order. The style combines simplicity with modern innovative trends. The industrial interior is distinguished by unsurpassed functionality and the use of minimalism. The style is suitable for decorating spacious rooms of a large area. There is a feeling of incompleteness, while the furniture and each element is carefully thought out and meaningful.

What loft-style furniture looks like: design, materials, colors

Industrial decor uses raw and mostly simple natural materials. As for the color palette, it is rather poor. The most popular loft style shades are black and white, gray, wood, charcoal, brown, beige. Often the walls are left unfinished, revealing ordinary brick or concrete. Wood is used for flooring. Today, concrete floors in the kitchen or bathroom are also becoming popular.

Industrial style involves the use of simple materials, including:

  • raw industrial brick;
  • concrete;
  • aged wood;
  • metal elements.

The materials listed above are in most cases used to decorate one of the rooms. The fashionable effect of a raw interior and unfinished interior was borrowed from the design of industrial post-factory buildings. Industrial style allows you to get the planned result with minimal effort and cost.

In what spaces can you organize a loft style

Design in the style of industrial chic is characterized by a certain versatility, so it can be used in a space of any configuration - a cottage, a country house, an apartment or an office. It fits perfectly into the space of the living room, kitchen combined with the dining room, or work area.

Such a design can be implemented in standard home interiors - bedroom, office or bathroom. An entrance hall with industrial decor will also look quite interesting. The only condition for success is that all decor elements must match each other and contain industrial inspiration.

light features

Lighting fixtures are basic accessories that create a unique industrial chic. In addition to creating quality lighting, chandeliers are also ideal decor items. Depending on the chosen direction, they can be complex and massive.

In other cases, simple appliances are used without any lampshades. They act as the main source of light or as additional light points. If, nevertheless, systems with lampshades are preferred, it is necessary to focus on metal chandeliers with natural wood elements. To create an authentic urban loft, it is desirable to choose lighting with open fixtures on steel, brass or copper wire frames with exposed bulbs and twisted cables.

Modern furniture in loft style: ideas for interior design

Industrial chic is most often used to decorate large open spaces, houses and large rooms. However, with a professional approach, the style can be adapted to a small apartment, although this will be quite difficult. In compact spaces, you usually have to give up wooden ceiling beams, massive chandeliers and other elements. But you can easily create concrete floors and brick walls.

What loft furniture is relevant:

  • metal dining table
  • comfortable sofa or large armchairs;
  • open wardrobe;
  • wooden sideboard in a rustic style;
  • industrial stands;
  • round retro mirrors;
  • floor lamp;
  • coffee table.

Industrial design implies minimalistic convenience, so there is practically no unnecessary furniture or accessories in the loft. Everything in the room is carefully thought out. Rustic furniture and reclaimed weathered wood pieces add warmth, character and texture to the space. To soften the urban scheme of the loft, you can furniture: leather chairs in vintage, modern or casual style. The room can be decorated with woven, plush and silky carpets.

Stylish loft furniture

Boldly designed dining table with reclaimed wood top and dark metal square legs, elegant glass dining table style are bright ideas for creating a loft style atmosphere that can be complemented with luxurious dining chairs upholstered in velvet fabric.

Central to the look of the urban loft is the sense of space. Therefore, if the living-dining room is open-plan or the kitchen-dining room, there is no need to change its configuration. One way to stylishly zone a room is to create a showcase.

Much in choosing furniture in the loft style from the photo depends on what kind of room you plan to design. If the bedroom is furnished, a bed is selected instead of a sofa and a simple wardrobe instead of a bookcase. Handmade furniture is often used, natural wood pallets are the key element.

Industrial interior design does not use a lot of accessories, so it is recommended that you carefully consider everything so as not to overload the interior.