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How To Store Jewelry

 Almost every girl wears jewelry, but their appearance often depends on the storage conditions. Unfortunately, only a few people know how to store jewelry with care. Silver rings, bracelets darken, and gold jewelry loses its luster. Chains that are randomly piled in a pile become tangled and often break when trying to separate them. Jewelry that has lost its original shine look unattractive, it looks like penny trinkets. In this article, you will learn how to store jewelry so that it does not lose its appearance and quality.

General rules for storing jewelry

Each type of jewelry requires special storage conditions. But there are general rules that are the same for all jewelry:

  1. Do not put items together to avoid scratches - it is advisable that each one has its own case with a velvet lodgment. You can choose a box with separate cells.
  2. Jewelry does not like the sun's rays, so choose dark places for storing them. Turquoise, corals, pearls fade, and topaz, amethyst lose their color saturation.
  3. Do not put jewelry, bijouterie in plastic and cellophane bags, as insufficient oxygen supply leads to darkening of the metal.
  4. Use special cases or cloth bags to store jewelry.
  5. Do not keep jewelry near heating devices or in places with high humidity. An increase in the level of humidity causes a change in the shade of the metal, a loss of gloss.
  6. Before storing an item, clean it thoroughly - wipe it with a soft cloth after wearing it. This will remove residual grease and sweat from the surface.
  7. Do not store jewelry made from different metals together.
  8. Eliminate contact with cosmetics, medicines - the chemical composition of many perfumery creams and medicines affects metals and stones, causing a change in appearance.

Take the time to sort your jewelry, choose the best packaging option, and it will retain its original shine and color.

Some features of storage and care

For each type of jewelry, the peculiarities of care and storage are known. Let's consider the main options for where to store jewelry:


Silver jewelry should not be stored in unlacquered wooden boxes. Wood attracts moisture, which causes blackening of the metal. The ideal option is a case with a velvet lodgment or a plastic box. You can protect silver from oxidation by placing an activated carbon tablet next to it. For prophylaxis, periodically wipe the surface with felt to avoid darkening and to maintain shine.


Gold items are kept in caskets and boxes upholstered with soft fabric. Do not use cardboard containers for this purpose, since the sulfur contained there provokes the appearance of dark spots on the surface of the gold.

How to store jewelry


For platinum to retain its original luster, you need to store your jewelry in a jewelry box, jewelry case or suede pouch. Platinum is best kept separate from other metals.


Amber, characterized by a soft warm texture, requires delicate care and storage. So that it does not darken, does not lose its shine and overflow, it should be kept away from heating appliances, direct sunlight, sources of high and low temperatures. The stone does not tolerate sudden temperature jumps. Store amber in closed boxes or boxes with a velvet cradle. Placement of other jewelry next to it is not allowed to avoid darkening of the stone. Periodically, amber is taken out and exposed to the sun's rays so that it is filled with life-giving energy.


Pearl jewelry is stored in padded boxes or in a soft cloth bag. Storage in sealed boxes is unacceptable, as the loss of gloss and the appearance of fragility of the stone is possible. Keep pearls separate from other jewelry to avoid scratching.

How to store jewelry


Due to the difference in quality characteristics, precious stones are stored separately from each other in wooden or plastic boxes covered with fabric. The stones must be in a fixed position inside the box. Velvet, corduroy, organza bags are also suitable. It is convenient to use cases with a transparent lid to monitor the condition of the stones.

Other materials

Consider how to store jewelry at home. Jewelry also requires careful handling and proper storage. Glass, plastic, wooden jewelry is stored separately from each other so that they do not scratch each other. The best way to store jewelry is in velvet bags or boxes with cells. Lightweight beaded beads can be kept hanging.

Storage options

There are various, including very original, ways of storing jewelry.


Many people ask how to store chains so they don't get confused. There is a wall-mounted method for this. It is suitable for pendants, beads that can be intertwined in a recumbent position. Long chains, beads are hung on hooks, pins, handles placed on the wall, frame, cabinet door, cutlery divider.

How to store jewelry


Craftsmen can make a convenient and beautiful organizer with their own hands from scrap materials or use any household item under the counter to place jewelry.

How to store jewelry


Placement in a jewelry box is a traditional way of storing jewelry. You can choose a large box by dividing it inside into separate compartments for each jewel. Small elegant boxes are also convenient. For storing rings, special compartments with rollers should be arranged, in which they are securely fixed.

How to store jewelry

Drawers in the chest of drawers

Dresser drawers can be arranged to store jewelry. You can divide the space of the drawer with limiters, allocating a separate place for each decoration. A good option is to place organizers inside. If you have a solid collection of jewelry, then it is better to equip the box under the lodgment, covering the stand with velvet and allocating a place for fixing each item.

How to store jewelry

In the closet

A special cabinet for jewelry is a necessary and useful thing. A separate place is allocated for each decoration. The space is divided by shelves and individual cells. You can place such a cabinet in an ordinary closet or veil it on the wall, covering it with a picture or a panel.

How to store jewelry

Common mistakes and solutions when storing jewelry at home

Some jewelry owners make the following mistakes:

  • put the box in the bathroom, which leads to a premature loss of the appearance of jewelry - the metal darkens, and the stones lose their luster due to high humidity;
  • placing jewelry on a marble table or glass dish - no matter how beautiful the jewelry looks against the marble background, contact with stone and glass negatively affects jewelry;
  • allow jewelry storage next to precious jewelry;
  • leave products with natural stones on the dressing table or windowsill - direct sunlight changes the color of the stone;
  • not knowing how to store the earrings, they put them together with chains and rings, which leads to the tangling of the jewelry.

Additional tips and tricks

  1. If you buy extraordinary handmade jewelry, then ask the seller about the rules for their storage.
  2. When using your own organizer, do not forget about the storage rules for each type of jewelry.
  3. Don't forget to clean your jewelry before storing it!