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Children's Room Interior

 For many parents, it is important that their child is as comfortable as possible in their room, and only pleasant impressions remain from it. The design of a child's room is usually carefully designed to create a special atmosphere in it for the proper development of a toddler or adolescent.

Children's room interior

Modern trends

The interior design of a children's room should be created taking into account the following criteria:

  1. Child's age. Of course, the design of the nursery for an infant and a teenager will differ significantly from each other. Parents, as a rule, equip the room for the baby, relying on their own tastes and ideas about comfort. But a student or teenager already has their own desires regarding design, which are important to take into account. Interests, character traits and hobbies are also reflected in the design.
  2. Square. A small room requires the use of certain design techniques to visually enlarge it. Thanks to them, it is possible to change the space in such a way that the child is as comfortable as possible to live, study, play in the room, he does not experience mental discomfort.
  3. Child's hobbies. If he can already express his opinion, it is worth discussing with him the design of his future room.
  4. Functional. This is an extremely important part of the room. Designers advise using lighting and decor to divide the room into several zones - for games, activities, sports, as well as relaxation and comfort.
  5. Accounting for fashion trends. Often the child's preferences for design correspond to fashion trends and techniques that are used in the design of the premises.

It is always important to remember that the interior of a nursery is a multifunctional space that should reflect the child's inner world as much as possible.

Design principles

The design of a children's room in the modern sense assumes a functionally filled and free space, in which bright and interesting elements should be present.

Modern trends in the interior of a nursery include:

  1. The predominance of minimalism - the absence of unnecessary furniture and other things.
  2. Using the principles of the Scandinavian style, which assumes an abundance of natural materials (mainly wood). Also, the interior often assumes light walls, floors, ceilings - various decorative elements will look brighter on them. And multi-colored, even bright textiles will help reduce the excessive severity of minimalism.
  3. The use of pastel colors, as well as purple, fuchsia.
  4. Arrangement of "secret places" that every child needs. Psychologists say that it is the norm for children to sometimes be in secluded places. So, you can choose a house, a wigwam, a cozy tent.
  5. Emphasis on creative and intellectual development, which translates into the use of various graffiti, boards and different play areas.
  6. The use of geometric patterns, peas in textiles, decoration materials.
  7. A selection of jewelry and decor made from natural materials - for example, a homespun rug, flowers in ceramic and wooden vases, wicker baskets on shelves.
Children's room interior

How to choose a design

You can find interesting ideas for a nursery on the Internet and in magazines. When choosing any decor, it is also important to focus on the general style that has been created throughout the house or apartment. However, some design ideas suggest, on the contrary, the creation of contrast with other rooms. This makes it possible to create a very special world for the little person.

How to equip a children's room, each parents decide for themselves. If the child already has his own opinion and can express it, he should definitely be involved in the design process. You can show him various design options, identify the pros and cons in them, and then come to a common decision. This joint work will definitely bring the child and parents closer together, help to understand each other perfectly. Of course, the baby will be very pleased that he was involved in this activity, and his desires were taken seriously.

What you need to consider

A children's room is a special place, and for this room it is important to take into account absolutely all the nuances. It should not be fitted exclusively with a wardrobe and a bed. It is also worth equipping a working area - a place where a desk will stand, where you can go in for sports. It is imperative to zone the play area, as well as purchase special furniture for it, which will allow you to quickly and easily clean up. Manufacturers offer a large number of different interior items, so you can choose the right options for any area of ​​the room.

Before proceeding with the repair, it is important to assess the thermal insulation qualities of the walls in the room. If required, they should be insulated. This is extremely important - only after this step can you move on to the decoration.

It is also important to provide high-quality ventilation of the room in which the children will live. With a constant supply of fresh air and a suitable humidity level, they will feel much better. Therefore, it is worth taking care not only of the beauty of the design, but also of the creation of an optimal microclimate.

Up to 3 years

For kids, the design of a children's room should be equipped according to specific rules. It is imperative that they avoid any sharp corners or glass surfaces that could break. It is worth installing a changing table to make it easier for mom to change the baby's clothes. And when the baby starts to "be active", do not forget to put a carpet on the floor. It must be made of hypoallergenic materials, be pleasant to the touch, and any dirt must be easily removed from it.

If the area of ​​the room allows, a playpen will perfectly fit into the children's interior of the room, which will make it possible to create another safe and interesting space for the child. Different models are made from natural materials, they can have different colors, shapes, sizes. There are folding and stationary options to choose from.

From 3 to 7 years old

At this age, as a rule, the interior design of a children's room changes dramatically for the first time. Instead of a small crib, parents are already installing a large bed. There is no need in the arena, but the carpet on the floor may remain - it certainly will not interfere. There are more toys, their sizes are increasing. Therefore, it is not uncommon for parents to install other furniture for them so that they can be kept in order.

At this age, children usually already have a conversation and can express their opinions on how they would like to see their room. It is important to make it interesting so that the baby is not afraid to be alone and enjoys spending time in it. More decor is usually added.

Children's room interior


When a child goes to school, the space in his room often changes significantly again. Instead of most toys, various electronics are already installed on the shelves and table. And the desk becomes an obligatory part of the room.

At this age, children independently choose the design of their room in accordance with their own tastes and interests.


Over time, the space ceases to be pronounced "childish". The space of the teenager's room should also have everything for comfortable learning, leisure activities, hobbies, but the design should be chosen by the child himself.

This makes it possible to reflect your interests, character and personality in the surrounding space.

Design of a children's room for a girl

The main components of the interior of a child's room for a girl are comfort and coziness. This is a territory for expressing her fantasies, where she can reproduce the dream of her future family, life. In addition, the design of the nursery influences the formation of taste.

Modern design

The modern children's interior of the room assumes the absence of a large number of "glamorous" elements. Light colors are chosen, preference is given to laconicism.

All this allows the space to change in the future if design preferences change. Furniture and decor are selected from textiles, glass, chrome. Planks, panels, paintings are often installed.

Classic style

Classic is stability. Although the modern world is very dynamic, people prefer to create some "islands" of balance and tranquility. The striking characteristic features of this style are the abundance of brown and white shades, which are complemented by textiles. Beautiful, even somewhat glamorous, design elements may be present.

A canopy can be installed above the bed, which looks delightful in the design of the nursery. And the recreation area, decorating the room, can be highlighted with a translucent curtain.

Minimalist style

The big advantage of minimalism is that it is the easiest to transform. Free single space prevails. You can complement the modern design with various creative solutions.

Frameless furniture will look great, which fits perfectly into modern interiors and is liked by children. The finish is predominantly light, and it can be diluted with bright accents, stickers, prints.

Children's room interior

Provence style

This is a romantic home style that is perfect for a girl's nursery design. In Provence, preference is given to calm tones - sandy white, light pink, blue.

Coziness and comfort are felt in this style, furniture cannot be bulky. Floral prints, curtains and ruffled tulle can be used in textiles.

Design of a children's room for a boy

The children's room interior for a boy is most often distinguished by the emphasis on functionality.

In a modern minimalist style

The modern style is the most suitable option for the interior of a child's room for a boy, especially if it has an emphasis on "techno". Furniture is chosen mainly from composite materials, chrome parts prevail. Suitable textures "silver", "metallic", gray, blue and purple tones. Excess items should be hidden from prying eyes, as boys are less prone to tidying up.

A separate wall can be allocated for the work area, along which a computer desk will be installed, a place where hobby items are stored. Frameless furniture will look great, the shade of which is suitable for the overall design. But Provence or a classic for a children's interior, a boy's room will not work.

Room for two

If the children's room for two is large enough, it is better to set up a separate bed for each child. Otherwise, a two-tier option is suitable - this will make the area more spacious and comfortable.

But whatever the size of the space, it is important to try to create a separate corner for each child - then both will be comfortable.

Small room

Ideas for a small children's room involve the use of imagination and various modern possibilities. So, you can install Murphy's furniture, a bed and a transforming table, try to use the space on the walls. Shades should be predominantly light - they will visually increase the area.

Children's room interior

Lighting design

It is important to organize the correct lighting in the room. It is better if the working area is near the window. Additionally, a table lamp should be installed, you can decorate the room with an LED strip.

Track lamps are also suitable for minimalism, and exquisite floor lamps and sconces with beautiful lampshades for classics.

Decor elements in the nursery

Bright and interesting decor is an important part of the interior of the nursery. Will look good:

  • photo wallpaper with a picture that the child likes;
  • stickers and prints that can be replaced over time;
  • stretch ceilings with photo printing;
  • volumetric elements - birds, flowers, butterflies;
  • world maps;
  • toys;
  • high quality and beautiful textiles.

Correctly selected decor will significantly transform the nursery and make it more comfortable.