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Art Deco Interior Design

 Art Deco is a unique design direction. His stylistic idea was created through a combination of old and new. The cabinet, decorated in the presented style, looks chic, modern and exclusive. It combines contrasting and asymmetrical shapes, clear geometry and ornamentalism. Art Deco has become a kind of response to the request of people who want to get not only an expensive interior, but also a fashionable, functional room.

Art Deco does not seek to revive past interiors, nor is it limited by the historical framework. Modernity creates new rules and conditions for this direction. The presented style borrowed the structure and logic from the historical alternative, adapting them to modern needs. It is harmonious in the design of offices, but it is important to take a responsible approach to the preparation and implementation of the project.

Light cabinet in the art deco style with elements of neoclassicism

The Art Deco cabinet is made in light colors in a relatively small room. Thanks to the chosen color scheme and high-quality lighting, the designers managed to visually expand the space.

Art deco interior design

Distinctive features of the presented project are the following:

  1. Geometry typical of the Art Deco style in the interior of the study. In the presented project, it manifests itself in the furniture, on the walls and in the decoration of the premises. The same pattern of rhombuses can be traced on the multi-tiered ceiling, carpet, door, facade of the built-in cabinet for books and documents. Even the furniture handles have a similar shape.
  2. It is filled with shiny elements that look expensive and exclusive, they mainly focus on the Italian chandelier, and are also present on the door.
  3. A lot of attention in art deco interior design is paid to functionality. The office has a large wardrobe with deep shelves behind transparent doors. Downstairs there is a covered part where you can store things that should be hidden from the eyes of others. There are also spacious drawers built into the original table.
  4. Increased comfort. An upholstered chair and a bench are installed, upholstered in high-strength fabric that is resistant to dirt. Additionally, for the comfort of the owner of the office, there is a TV.
  5. The combination of light shades with dark wood looks unusual and sophisticated. They are a successful duo that will make your office look amazing. This combination is familiar to art deco interior design.
  6. Complex multi-level lighting. In addition to the central chandelier brought from Italy, there is a floor lamp on the desk. LED lighting of the ceiling niches is also provided. There is also lighting on the shelves of the cabinet, which greatly simplifies its operation. With the help of such a solution, you can emphasize the features of the interior, implement different lighting scenarios.

The furniture in the presented project is characterized by uniformity of colors and streamlined shapes. A table with rounded edges deserves special attention. It stands out for its original base, somewhat reminiscent of a bunch of ivory-colored bamboo sticks.

Decorative veneer, marble and other elite and expensive materials look beautiful indoors, with the help of which you can emphasize the unsurpassed art deco interior design.

In the presented project, modern technical achievements were used, thanks to which a spectacular Art Deco cabinet was created, providing a high level of comfort for the owner. Each element of the room is easy to control. Without much effort, you can adjust the position of the curtains, lighting, heating and more.

Furniture of the highest quality was used to organize the workspace. Despite the fact that glossy surfaces are characteristic of the Art Deco office, in this project there are a minimum number of them. Here the emphasis is placed on expensive textured textile wallpaper, emphasizing the luxury and uniqueness of the art deco office interior.

Expensive and presentable home office

In the presented study, decorated in the art deco style, the designers used a light palette of colors, which is diluted with unusual elements. Naturally, not a single room equipped in this direction can do without special accessories. Thanks to them, even a simple and minimalistic room can be transformed.

Art deco interior design

Patterns are an important element in the design of an Art Deco study. It is difficult to imagine a room decorated in this style, while devoid of patterned elements. Nevertheless, in this project, the designers dispensed with this basic feature.

Colors are of great importance. Different shades of brown have been used in this Art Deco cabinet, which blend harmoniously with each other. Although bright colors such as dusty red, dark blue and others can be brought into the room, you need to be careful with this. Since the cabinet is designed for work, it is best to choose subdued shades that will not interfere with concentration.

Simple light colored walls indicate a practical interior. If you wish, you can change it by changing the furniture. Thanks to the additions, you can completely transform the style of the interior of the Art Deco office.

The distinctive features of this project are the following:

  1. An abundance of decorative elements, including original vases, African figurines of an unusual shape, a large skin located on the floor. The latter comes to the fore. It is she who will attract everyone who enters the office.
  2. Extraordinary furniture. The desk with non-standard legs deserves special attention. Despite its unusual design, it is easy to use and stable. The coffee table looks original, with chrome legs and a glass top. The comfort of the room is increased by a small sofa, an armchair and a banquet. This interior successfully combines upholstered furniture upholstered in artificial leather and textiles.

With the help of elegant accessories and unique modern furniture, a luxurious study has been created that is functional and comfortable.

Discreet art deco cabinet

Art deco interior design

The cabinet is characterized by a restrained appearance, distinguished by nobility and severity. He is characterized by the following:

  1. Using top quality natural wood with impact resistant glass and leather.
  2. Functionality. A comfortable place for work and rest is provided.
  3. High quality, durable furniture. The office has a comfortable writing desk characterized by smooth curves. There is also an abundance of places for storing documents, books and other things that may be required during work. The main material for the manufacture of furniture is natural wood, characterized by an impressive list of advantages. It is highly durable, environmentally friendly, does not need special care, while it will last for a long period of time.
  4. Competent zoning. The designers have provided a workspace with a desk and a leather chair. There is also a separate area for reading books or newspapers, playing chess. It is furnished with two leather armchairs and a small coffee table made of wood.
  5. Correctly aligned lighting. Besides the exquisite chandelier, there is a small lamp on the table. The lighting is also enhanced in the reading and relaxation area.

When implementing the design of the Art Deco cabinet, the task was to combine functionality and the status of the owner. Thanks to the impressive area of ​​the room and panoramic windows, it was possible to use the Art Deco style in the interior of the study without any special difficulties. There are no awkward supporting structures that could create obstacles.

The abundance of space allowed the use of dark wood shades. Green eco-leather armchairs act as a bright accent. Everything else: tables, cabinets, flooring, are made of wood in dark shades. Even the ceiling beams are solid wood.

When decorating the presented interior, the designers focused on noble textures and natural materials. Thanks to the bright elements in the space, it was possible to make the Art Deco cabinet memorable, despite the monochrome design. The interior looks elegant, which makes it possible to emphasize the status of the owner and his wealth.

Examples of cabinets in art deco style

When decorating classrooms in the art deco style, various techniques can be used. The features of this direction include the following:

  1. Strict geometric shapes. In the interior, lines are welcome, which can be straight or zigzag. Used squares, circles, triangles and more.
  2. Bright colours. Often combined black with white, black with gold, shades of beige and chocolate. The only thing, bright accents are acceptable only as small details.
  3. Expensive materials and glossy surfaces. The interior must have exotic and unique elements, for example, bear skin, crocodile skin.
  4. The considered direction is not combined with the classics. Rococo or Baroque curves, curvilinear Art Nouveau elements, etc. are unacceptable here. All details in Art Deco are simplified as much as possible. They are the usual geometric shapes such as square, circle, triangle.
  5. The main accents of the style are reduced to complex textures. A combination of natural and artificial materials is acceptable, but it is important that they are of high quality workmanship.
  6. True Art Deco cannot be realized with a small budget. Choosing laminate, gold paint and Chinese fakes, you can only parody the style.
  7. Art deco is impossible without decorative elements. They can include anything: figurines, watches, flowers.

The presented style contains ethnic motives. Japanese screens, Chinese vases, and figurines are often installed. When arranging, it is necessary to avoid too direct and rational forms. Instead of smoothness, you should give preference to rigor and sharpness. The designer needs to balance the colors.

Below are photos of the Art Deco classrooms. Each of them has the above features. Note that it is important not only to think over the design of the floor, walls and ceiling, but also to pay attention to the choice of furniture, accessories and decorative elements. They have to go well with each other to create a special atmosphere in the room.

Art deco interior designArt deco interior designArt deco interior designArt deco interior designArt deco interior designArt deco interior designArt deco interior designArt deco interior designArt deco interior design


In the 21st century, the Art Deco style of interior is becoming more and more popular. With its help, they equip apartments and private houses, turning them into a real piece of art. From the photographs presented above, it is clear that there are a large number of ways to implement the presented style. In interiors, they look spectacular, in a new way, and relevant at any time.

Decorating the office and the whole house in the Art Deco style will create an atmosphere of luxury and wealth. The presented direction influenced not only architecture and interior design, but also the way of life. It is popular due to its ingenuity, variety of techniques and forms.

The art deco interiors are echoes of the Great Gatsby era. They embody the dream of a luxurious life in which a person does not deny himself or infringe on anything. It is not surprising that this style is at the height of its popularity today. To implement it in the interior of the office, it is important to work out the project in detail. To do this, contact professional designers. By acting on your own, you may be missing out on the opportunity to create a beautiful and functional interior.