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A New Touch In The Interior For Those With A Sense Of Humor

A new touch in the interior for those with a sense of humor01/10/2022

A new touch in the interior for those with a sense of humor

If you are all right with a sense of humor, then you can add a fashionable touch to the interior - slate coating. A chalk board is also convenient. We all remember how the chalk ran briskly on the blackboard. Sometimes at the entrance to the cafe you will see such a board with a menu. And immediately stops our gaze, right? These letters, written by hand, and therefore special and unique, attract us, leaving some kind of positive feeling in our souls. So in the interior, a chalk board can play the role of both a unique decor and a useful thing at the same time. And the possibilities in terms of decor are very wide.

In the kitchen, for example, you can use the blackboard to introduce your household to what they can profit from while waiting for dinner, what to buy and what other assignments to fulfill. Here you can attach money, tickets or a card. So to say, all requests to each other quickly leave before leaving. Relevant for a family whose members at different times get up and leave home. There is a place for a slate board in any wall, and outwardly its color will pleasantly contrast with any color scheme of the room.

A slate board will also help you quickly write something down on the phone, erase it and write it down again, this wonderful vintage item will also decorate the interior in an extraordinary way and bring a touch of humor to the usually standard hallway.

In a nursery, a chalk board can give your child a chance for freedom and real joy. Draw what you want, draw directly on the wall - no one will complain. Every kid, and even a teenager, dreams of this. Choose a blue, black, green board - in accordance with the color tone of the interior of the children's room - place it not high from the floor level, get colored crayons and enjoy your rest. Guests with children will come - this activity can also captivate restless children for the whole evening. And you will still admire the drawings of your children in such an unusual way.

It will be more convenient to do homework with children right in the kitchen. You can quickly do everything together: for mom - dinner, for the child - homework. The principle of visibility in the preparation of lessons will definitely increase the result. The five is guaranteed!

A slate board can even come in handy in the bedroom. Who does not want to receive a kind message from a loved one upon awakening, albeit with a supplement of an economic request: "I love, I run away, buy bread!" And if you buy a fridge magnet with a slate coating, then he will successfully fulfill this role.

If such a chalk board is next to your workplace, then it will be an excellent substitute for both a diary and draft sheets. And the motto, written in large size and with your own hand, will inspire you to conquer professional heights!

There are also just funny options: draw something that you don't have right on the wall: a headboard, a designer chest of drawers , an antique column, a portrait, a picture, a playful inscription ...

You can go further, real creativity is when a wall of a refrigerator, a designer cabinet , a chest of drawers, a door, a separate part of the wall with a portal will serve as a slate board , and you don't have to be limited in color, as long as the chalk is visible. Well, then fantasize yourself!